Maya trek: a unique tour of the Mayan society in the tropical jungle
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Maya trek: a unique tour of the Mayan society in the tropical jungle

The Biotopo Protegido San Miguel La Palotada El Zotz is a place where you can enjoy nature, archaeological sites, and bats. If you like trekking this place may be a good option for you.

El Peñón de los Muercielagos – El Zotz. Drone Photo by Haniel López. February 16th

The Maya Trek is a 60 km journey that combines adventure, nature, culture, and archaeology, a three-day journey in the Mayan Biosphere Reserve with daily walks from 6 to 7 hours. Although it can vary according to your interests. It begins at the intersection of Dos Aguadas, follows the Zotz where you can find archaeological sites that will help you understand more about the Mayan culture, in addition to spotting diversity of birds, the famous rock of the bats where 39 species of bats, howler monkeys and spider monkeys that habit in the treetops and even find tapir and jaguar tracks. You can also observe the diversity of plants. The journey ends in Tikal, right next to Temple 4. The main points of interest to appreciate during the walk are the following:

  1. San Miguel La Palotada Protected Biotope
  2. Archaeological site El Zotz
  3. Acropolis: Seat of the Pa’ Chan dynasty
  4. Archaeological site El Diablo
  5. El Peñón de los Murciélagos (este tipo de nombres propios siempre los dejamos en español)
  6. Archaeological site El Palmar
  7. Parque Nacional Tikal

You can contact Maya Trek here:

José Chen. Telephone: +502 3071-9659
[email protected]

Facebook: José Pop

And you can also read more about the circuit here: bat-shelter.html

Bernoullia flammea – Orange flowers (Mapola). Parque Nacional Tikal. Photo by Nicholas Hellmuth. March 2013.
Written by Vivian Hurtado & Roxana Leal


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