Find it in Livingston

Municipio de Livingston is a great place to immerse in a tropical paradise. This workshop will introduce students, researchers, and travelers to the Flora, Fauna, and biodiversity of the Caribbean. Eight presentations with videos and photos to get to know Livingston, its rivers, wetlands, and nature. The first edition was posted in July 2022, held by our Research team at FLAAR Mesoamerica.

You can find the Spanish version of each workshop on our YouTube channel.  Click here to watch.

June 8, 2022:

  • Sergio Jerez
  • “Herbs, Vines and Epiphytes"

June 15, 2022:

  • Vivian Díaz
  • “Tropical trees and Shrubs"

June 22, 2022:

  • Maria Jose Toralla
  • “Insects, Arachnids and other creatures"

June 29, 2022:

  • Victor Mendoza
  • “Parks and Natural Reserves at the Caribbean”

July 6, 2022:

  • Belén Chacón
  • “Tropical Animals: Fish, Molluscs, Crustaceans, Birds and Mammals"

July 13, 2022:

  • Diana Sandoval
  • “Palms"

July 20, 2022:

  • Victor Mendoza
  • “Aquatic Macrophytes, Bryophytes and Ferns"

July 27, 2022:

  • Vivian Hurtado
  • “Mushrooms and Lichens"