Yaxha, Nakum and Naranjo

The largest protected area in Guatemala, the Mayan Biosphere Reserve, is located in Petén, in the north of the country. Inside of it, is located the National park Yaxha, Nakum and Naranjo,  where there are vestiges of the ancient Mayan civilization submerged by the immense nature that characterizes the Mesoamerican jungles.

In FLAAR Mesoamerica, with the support of the park authorities, we have made the photo essays that you will find in this section, with the aim of publicizing the natural resources found in the protected area.

We hope to attract the attention of students, tourists, explorers, photographers and nature lovers so that they can get close to the area and be able to marvel at the species that we find in each exploration.

Photo Essay Categories

It covers the species of fungi, insects, reptiles, lichens, and ecosystems.

Birds that can be found in PNYNN, the lagoons and wetlands.

It exposes the species of mammals that we can find in the PNYNN.

It exposes the species of plants and flowers that we can find in the PNYNN