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Provide professors, researchers, and students around the world with high-resolution photographs and information on rare plants and animals of southern Mexico and adjacent countries of Mesoamerica (Guatemala, Belize, Honduras, and El Salvador)

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Flora and fauna research

FLAAR Mesoamerica is a non-profit organization that does research and educational projects on plants and animals of Guatemala and nearby countries

Educational books

MayanToons does the design of educational material that promotes the knowledge, approach and conservation of the native natural resources of Guatemala and the Mayan-influenced areas of Mesoamerica.

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Neotropical cormorant, an aquatic bird enjoying Yaxha

If you like bird watching you can’t miss visiting the Yaxha-Nakum-Naranjo National Park. Upon reaching the main area, Yaxha, you can get a beautiful view of Yaxha Lagoon and Sacnab…

Flora and fauna research

First expedition of the FLAAR Mesoamerica team to “La Laguna Perdida”

During the last week of March’, FLAAR Mesoamerica team continued research in the National Park Yaxha-Nakum-Naranjo in Petén. This time we decided to make an expedition for the first time…

Flora and fauna research

Expedition: Flower searching at Parque Nacional Yaxha Nakum Naranjo

FLAAR Mesoamerica’s expedition team returned to Parque Nacional Yaxha Nakum Naranjo looking forward to shoot borning flowers since several plants are borning between March and May. During a long walk…

Our research teams has multiple goals

To provide professors, researchers, and students around the world with high-quality information on rare plants and animals of southern Mexico and adjacent countries of Mesoamerica.

To assist professors, researchers and students in Guatemala with unparalleled quality digital photographs of flora and fauna of Guatemala and to increase our over thousands photographs digital library.

To coordinate with teachers in rural and remote areas of Guatemala and provide them educational material in the local Mayan, Spanish, and English languages.

Nicholas Hellmuth
Nicholas was first in Mexico in 1961, in Guatemala in 1962, in Honduras by 1964, and obviously now knows every country in North and Central America. But Guatemala has such remarkable diversity of eco-systems and hence impressive diversity of plants and animals. Sadly the eco-systems are being bulldozed out of existence for making modern commercial businesses. Surely there can be a way to save at least segments of these forests and waterways to help protect the species that we humans have evolved together with. Although we do focus on Guatemala, we are open to coordinating with foundations, embassy programs, and local NGO's in neighboring countries since there are Mayan settlements in every country on every side of Guatemala.

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Yaxha intrigued me due to it having the largest full-figure sculpture of a Teotihuacan inspired royal divine portrait of Tlaloc: fully armed with shield, Teotihuacan military atlatl and pertinent spears.

Tikal is renowned for its Tlaloc shield and Teotihuacan warriors on the sides of Stela 31 and Uaxactun has a stela with royal Teotihuacan affiliated warrior leader also; but the one at Yaxha does not add local individuals nor is the figure in a Mayan pose whatsoever: here is a single frontal divine, military. mercantile message.

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How did Dr Nicholas learn about the Maya rain forests cultures?

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Dr Nicholas interacting with jaguars, pumas, and with tarantulas hiking up his arm.


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Wide-format inkjet printer research and product evaluations of inks, cutters, laminators, international signage and visual communications trade shows, etc.