Red Mangrove Swamps, Rhizophora Mangle

Red mangrove is present in millions of trees along the Caribbean coast (of Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, and along the Pacific coast of Mexico and Guatemala). As you will learn in the following FLAAR Mesoamerica photo essay, this tree has many uses.

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Rhizophora mangle is a tropical and subtropical American species, native to a wide area on both eastern and western coasts: on the Pacific, from Baja California, Mexico, to northern Peru, and on the east, from North Carolina to Florida and around the Gulf of Mexico, the Caribbean, and along northern South America to the northeast of Brazil. However, the common name American mangrove is somewhat of a misnomer, as the species is also reported as native to West Africa, from Senegal to Nigeria

Nicholas Hellmuth


March 2021

Edible Plants of Wetlands

Nicholas Hellmuth
David Arrivillaga
María Alejandra Gutiérrez

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