Cactus de Árboles (Selenicerus Testudo) – Yaxha Project

Cacti also grow on trees and in the jungle, with enough moisture, don’t you think? We invite you to download this PDF and get more information!

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Although cacti are the most representative plants in arid places, when we reach humid areas such as Izabal, Alta Verapaz and Petén, we have observed cacti with a certain particularity: they are found on trees, climbing them, or on rocks. They also have a flower that surely attracts many pollinators at a specific time of day.

Dr. Nicholas Hellmuth
FLAAR Mesoamerica
September 2018
Ing. Vivian Díaz
Ing. Marcella Sarti
Ing. Elena Siekavizza
Dr. Nicholas Hellmuth
Lic. Erick Flores
David Arrivillaga

Design and Layout:
Lic. Andrea Sánchez Díaz


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