Jaguar Cave – Livingston, Izabal

If you visit Cueva del Tigre in the dry season, there may be no water at all at the entrance and you can continue to the end where there will be beautiful natural pools (or at least that’s what the friendly guides told us). They have mentioned to us that this is where you can jump off the edge into the crystal clear water.

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Nicholas Hellmuth has been exploring caves since 1960 with his brothers. In this PDF he tells us about his experience exploring the Livingston Caves in Izabal. Due to the amount of water and the fast current, the FLAAR Mesoamerica team walked into the cave at least 60 meters.

Nicholas Hellmuth
Identification team of species of genus:
Victor Mendoza
Senaida Ba
Bibliography Team:
Nicholas Hellmuth
Vivian Hurtado
Vivían Díaz
Nicholas Hellmuth
María Alejandra Gutierrez
David Arrivillaga
Juan Pablo Fumagalli
Photography assistants:
Senaida Ba Mucu
Juan Pablo Fumagalli
Manager of design and layout:
Andrea Sánchez Díaz


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