Garcita Blanca (Egretta thula) – Yaxha Project

In this report you will learn about the relationship that the white heron has with the wetland ecosystems of the Yaxha region. In addition you will know the differences between the white heron, with which many confuse it.

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This report explains the behavior of the Egretta thula bird and why it can be seen in the Yaxha Nakum Naranjo National Park. Together you will know what are the techniques used to photograph this bird and high quality photographs provided by the FLAAR Mesoamerica team of photographers.

Dr. Nicholas Hellmuth
FLAAR Mesoamerica
September 2018
Ing. Vivian Díaz
Ing. Marcella Sarti
Ing. Elena Siekavizza
David Arrivillaga
Maria Alejandra Gutierrez
Nicholas hellmuth
Design and Layout:
Lic. Andrea Sánchez Díaz
Layout Design of this edition:
Ximena Arriaga


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