Moss Island (Tillandsia usneoides) – Yaxha Project

On the lookout for spider monkeys at your walk through Topoxte island, don’t forget to look up for a very curious plant hanging from the trees.

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National Park Yaxha Nakum Naranjo offers a boat trip by the Yaxha lake to one of the most particular maya hidden cities: Topoxte. With a peculiar history of its emperors and citizens, nowadays Topoxte is hidden in the nature of the Mayan jungle, but specially covered by an abundant plant hanging from the trees, just as spider monkeys, who also love spending time on the island.

Dr. Nicholas Hellmuth
Colab. Tojín Benito Malchic
August and September 2018
Ing. Vivian Díaz
Ing. Marcella Sarti
Ing. Elena Siekavizza
Dr. Nicholas Hellmuth
Lic. Erick Flores
Maria Alejandra Gutierrez
Design & Layout:
Lic. Andrea Sánchez Díaz
Daniel Gálvez


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