Pelican Paradise, Pelecanus occidentalis

Happy friendly pelicans are flying all around you everywhere! Pelicans are almost everywhere where there is coastal water. They like resting on the posts that you find at boat docks on both coasts of many parts of the Americas.

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Happy friendly pelicans are flying all around you everywhere! They are diverse if you are in different places. You will find some restful pelicans floating on the surface of the water all around you as your shuttle boat brings you to the town of Livingston.

You may not find pelicans every month in every wetlands. But the brown pelican is considered a resident of the Rio Dulce area. This means Amatique Bay (where the Rio Dulce empties into the Bay in front of the town of Livingston), Canyon Rio Dulce, El Golfete, Rio Dulce, and potentially Lake Izabal.

Dr. Nicholas Hellmuth
FLAAR Mesoamerica
August 2020
Design and Layout:
Lic. Andrea Sánchez Díaz
Nicholas Hellmuth
María Alejandra Gutierrez
David Arrivilaga
Erick Flores (2018)
Melanny Celeste Q


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