Howler Monkeys of Guatemala, Annotated Bibliography

Bibliography on howler monkeys of Guatemala from 2014 to 2022, including some of our best photographs taken.

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Our first bibliography on howler monkeys of Guatemala and surrounding countries was in 2014. Linda Bac assisted Nicholas Hellmuth with more references in 2015. Subsequently Marcella Sarti put into the FLAAR format all the entries plus lots of additional titles found by Nicholas. Several months ago I also consulted the bibliography of Baker 1992 (but added more items she did not have included, plus added lots more from the following several decades). We include some of our best shots of Howler monkeys, specially taken inside the park PNYNN.

Nicholas Hellmuth, Vivian Hurtado, Marcella Sarti, Linda Bac

April 2021

Vivian Díaz.

Nicholas Hellmuth, Erick Flores, Boris Llamas, David Arrivillaga


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