Spider Diversity of Alta Verapaz

It is very important to differentiate the type of spiders that share the rooms with us humans. In the next Photo Essay we will learn to recognize two species of spiders, very similar but with intentions and defense mechanisms that we must considerate.

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FLAAR Mesoamerica has visited many remote areas of the Mayan mountains in Alta Verapaz, Guatemala. One of the findings in 2017 were many spider species that, with the collaboration of our spider volunteer Katherinne Herrera, we can now learn more in detail. On three towns that they visited (Cahabón, Senahú and La Tinta), the team documented 5 different spiders: the triangular white, the long-spined-leg greenish, the white-petaled spider, the X-shaped spider and other cute little and hairy (of course these names are only for you to have a reference or if you just want to imagine them and avoid watching the amazing photos). Also, we photographed two different spider webs, their nest, their home.

Katherinne Herrera
Identification team of species of genus:
Katherinne Herrera
January 2021
Nicholas Hellmuth
Erick Flores
Manager of design and layout:
Katherinne Herrera


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