Cacaco Substitute, Zapóton Seeds – Pachira aquatica

Pachira aquatica grows on the banks of rivers, lakes, ponds and swamps. The fruit is one of the largest and heaviest for a wild native fruit tree in all of Mesoamerica. Its flowers are spectacular and very similar to poppy flowers but there is a difference by their larger size.

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The Pachira aquatica tree can reach up to 20 meters in height. Its flower is considered to be among the most photogenic of any tree in Guatemala and adjacent countries. Pachira aquatica fruits are huge, hard and heavy, often weighing 6 pounds or more. The fruit is full of white flesh in which many seeds are embedded, these are edible and can be eaten raw, roasted, fried or boiled.

Nicholas Hellmuth
December 2021
Nicholas Hellmuth
David Arrivillaga
Victor Mendoza
Alejandra Valenzuela
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Andrea Sánchez
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