Zapote Negro – Diospyra nigra

Native to South America, occurring wild along both coasts of Mexico from Jalisco to Chiapas, Veracruz and Yucatán and in the forested lowlands of Central America, Diospyras nigra is a native plant of Mesoamerica that has been reported in Guatemala, in Izabal and the lowlands of Huehuetenango.

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This tree is native from Mesoamerica. In Guatemala has been reported in Izabal and the lowlands of Huehuetenango. It habits dry or humid mixed forests, riparian forests and montane forests. The local name in Livingston for this species is Zapote negro or Tortugo, but it is also widely known as Zapote, Zapote prieto, Totocuitlatzapotl (Mexico), Guayabota, Zapote de mico, Ébano, Matazano de mico and Persimón.

Vivian Hurtado
Pedro Pablo Marroquín

Nicholas Hellmuth

November 2022

Nicholas Hellmuth
Guillermo Cuz

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