Toxic Root (Tuber), Arrowleaf Elephant Ear, Xanthosoma robustum

Xanthosoma robustum is well known as elephant ear. This species is from lowlands 900 meters or less, rarely found in forests, although it can sometimes be found in grassland and secondary forest on alluvial soils.

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Chemicals from Xanthosoma robustum could be used to coagulate the latex of native Maya rubber trees (Castilla elastica). The young Xanthosoma leaves are said to be cooked and eaten in Guatemala, but the roots are considered poisonous, on the other hand, the leaves can be used to wrap tamales. This plant is very common in humid areas and along some rivers. Sometimes this species is included in home gardens. The entire plant is toxic to animals, it is irritating to the digestive tract and mucous membranes; It causes enteritis.

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