Tasistal Ecosystem, Savanna #24

PDF that includes mostly dron views of savanna #24, and others taken on our way hiking there.

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Using Satellites.Pro it has been possible to locate 35 grassland savannas, high sawgrass savannas (cibales), savannas of solid tasiste palm (tasistales), and marshes in the far southeast part of Parque Nacional Laguna del Tigre (PNLT).

Tasistal Savanna #24 could be considered as an extension of the tasistal area of Savanna #25; however, I prefer to keep the two separate. This PDF shows maps with the location of Savanna #24 and the way we hiked to get there. We mention the species found, the habit of the main species, and the tasiste that gets burned, surviving and thriving again.

Nicholas Hellmuth

July 2022

Vivian Diaz
Vivian Hurtado

Haniel Lopez
Nicholas Hellmuth
Byron Pacay


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