Southern House Spiders – Kukulcania hibernalis

It is very important to differentiate the type of spiders that share the rooms with us humans. In the next Photo Essay we will learn to recognize two species of spiders, very similar but with intentions and defense mechanisms that we must considerate.

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We can find spiders very frequently sharing the house with some of us, they are an example of biological pest control, and why not? Even an example of motherhood and family care.

Identifying spiders is a very meticulous job, you need the patience of experts to be able to differentiate one from another. Thanks to the participation of our volunteer, Katherinne Herrera (Biochemistry and Microbiology student), FLAAR Mesoamerica will be able to identify the species of spiders that we have documented in the ethnobotanical garden (and those that inhabit our offices) in Guatemala City.

Katherinne Herrera
Identification team of species of genus:
Katherinne Herrera
Nicholas Hellmuth
Sofía Monzón
Katherinne Herrera
Manager of design and layout:
Katherinne Herrera


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