Savanna Of 3 Fern Species, Rectangular Savanna – Laguneta Of 3 Conjoined Cenotes

Aerial shots are a very valuable resource when studying biodiversity and ecosystems. Within this report you will be able to find photographs and resources to complement studies and research on the Maya Biosphere Reserve, the protected areas, and the conservation efforts that are being carried out in Petén, Guatemala.

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Yaxha, Nakum and Naranjo National Park protects a very important reservoir for the species and the dynamics of the ecosystems in the area, known as the Yaxha Lagoon. Yaxha Lagoon also has certain connections with other “lagunitas” (smaller lagoons) heading west. Last September, the FLAAR Mesoamerica photography team had the opportunity to take aerial shots of these bodies of water that represent an important wetland in the area. We have named these places as Savannah of 3 Fern species, Rectangular Savanna and Laguneta of 3 Conjoined Cenotes. Through this report you will be able to know areas of the Maya Biosphere Reserve from other perspectives.

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September 2021
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