In early September 2018, while working together with the park rangers (Parque Nacional Yaxha Nakum Naranjo), I was led on a hike deep into the seasonally wet and seasonally very dry scrub forests between Yaxha and Nakum. I was shown a remarkable fruit that looked at first like a “wild Mayan pineapple.”

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Why are no pineapples shown by Sahagun for the Aztec? Sahagun was in the Aztec area decades after the conquest and I have not yet found a pineapple in his monumental opus (unless, being human, I missed it). Sahagun listed most notable plants. If there is not one single pineapple in Sahagun’s multiple volumes, that pretty well provides the answer. And, if pineapples are found there, then why did Bernal Diaz del Castillo and Cortez not comment on seeing or hearing about pineapples in the giant imperial Aztec market of Tenochitlan?


Cortez witnessed the Aztec markets and food decades before Sahagun. Why do they not feature pineapples in their discussion of foods they have never seen before?


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