Floating Heart, Water Snowflake (Nymphoides indica) Vol. 1 – Livingston Project

Explore the small but bright aquatic flowers (Nymphoides indica) with furry edges and blending alongside the larger white nymph (Nymphaea ampla).

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Nymphoides indica is a potentially common flower on the banks of the lake, streams and swamps of the El Golfete area in Río Dulce de Izabal. These small Nymphoides indica flowers are one of the smallest flowers we have found in Guatemala.

Dr. Nicholas Hellmuth
FLAAR Mesoamerica
May 2020
Vivian Díaz
Nicholas Hellmuth
María Alejandra Gutierrez
David Arrivilaga
Manager of design and layout:
Andrea Sánchez
Layout of this english edition:
Jaqueline González


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