Espino de Vaca Bastard Bully Tree

We learned that local people know this tree as espino de vaca and palo de vaca.
Throughout this pdf you will find interesting things like there are 18 species of

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Pithecellobium is a fascinating genus of trees. Among the many Pithecellobium species, one
species particularly caught the attention of our team documenting biodiversity in Livingston,
Izabal. Pithecellobium lanceolatum, also known as cow thorn or cow stick, caught his
attention for the edible pulp that surrounds its seeds. After several expeditions and
encounters with a similar species, P. platyobum, the team finally found P. lanceolatum in two
locations within Livingston. However, upon returning to the city, identification based on
photographs was found to be inconclusive. Despite this, the team includes information on
the genus Pithecellobium, as well as the two possible species that were found, including
details on the uses and consumption of P. dulce, which is closely related to P. lanceolatum.

María José Toralla

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