Tree Flowering Directly from the Trunk – Bellucia pentamera

Growing directly from tree branches, this plant is used as food and in construction. In fact, it is an edible plant. Bellucia pentamera is also capable of displaying flowers of two different colors.

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The team of FLAAR Mesoamerica found a peculiar flower growing directly from the tree branches around the town of Livingston. This report displays photographs and descriptions of Bellucia pentamera, a plant whose flowers can be of two different colors, both in its white and brown phases. It also mentions a close relative: Bellucia grossularioides. These plants are often mentioned to be cauliflorous and edible, but more research is needed around these unique species.

Nicholas Hellmuth
December 2020
vivian Díaz
Nicholas Hellmuth
Manager of Design and Layout:
Andrea Sánchez Díaz
Layout of this English Edition:
Carlos Marroquín


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