Strangler Figs, Topoxte Island

Strangler figs from Topoxte Island are abundant and fascinating because of their bizarre design. This report includes many photos and general info about this species, plus a suggested reading bibliography.

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There are amazing fig trees along rivers and elsewhere in Central America, but if you want to see fig after fig, each one more bizarre than the other, then hop on a boat for the 30-minute ride across Lake Yaxha to reach Topoxte Island. This report is full of photographs for you to admire the design of strangler fig trunks from this location, with some additional info about other species found in areas adjacent to Peten. Plus, we include a suggested reading bibliography.

Nicholas Hellmuth

December 2022

Vivian Hurtado
Pedro Pablo Marroquín

Designer of this version:
David Arrivillaga

Nicholas Hellmuth
Edwin Solares


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