Multi-Colored Masses of large berry-sized Fruits of Gaussia maya Palms

While photographing other plants in Mundo Perdido, PANAT, we found Gaussia maya palms with maturing colorful fruits. We include pictures and library research on Gaussia maya palm species.

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While doing photography of epiphytic plants in the area of Mundo Perdido (at Tikal National Park), I decided to hike another hundred meters, and as I was getting ready to turn around and rejoin the rest of the team my eyes caught the bright orange color of maturing fruits of a palm. I immediately recognized it was a

  • Gaussia maya
  • and that the colors were impressive. So I called for the team to bring the 3-meter high ladder so I could photograph the mass of large berry-sized fruits. The present FLAAR Report is based on subsequent library research on Gaussia maya palms and a list of other palms listed in the area. Also, we include some pictures of the same plant found previously in the Naranjo Area of PNYNN.

    Nicholas Hellmuth

    August 2022

    Alejandra Valenzuela

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    David Arrivillaga

    Nicholas Hellmuth
    Edwin Solares
    David Arrivillaga
    Alejandra Gutiérrez


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