Cacao Kuk, Stenanona stenopetala

The Annonaceae family produces aromatic and tasty fruits in tropical regions, but its cultivation is limited and basic, requiring further scientific research.

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The Annonaceae family, known for its aromatic and flavorful fruits, has a tropical and subtropical distribution spanning Africa, Asia, Central and South America to Australia. With around 120 genera and 2,000 species, these plants offer a wide range of tastes and scents. They can take various forms, from trees to shrubs, and their cultivation is generally basic, requiring further scientific exploration. Despite being cultivated in different countries, their commercial reach remains mostly local, highlighting the need for expanded scientific research in this plant group.

Diana Sandoval
Victor Mendoza
Mariana Rivas Gálvez

August 2023

Jaqueline González

Nicholas Hellmuth
Victor Mendoza
Roxana Leal


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