Biotopo “Laguna del Tigre-Río Escondido”. Plants, Birds & Unexpected Ecosystems

In Laguna del Tigre-Río Escondido, Petén, research has been conducted to reveal the rich diversity of plants and animals, highlighting ‘coastal plants’ and birds as prominent elements. These study and documentation efforts emphasize their importance for the conservation of the area and its ecosystems.

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In the ecosystems of Laguna del Tigre-Río Escondido in the Petén region, various research and documentation efforts have been undertaken. These endeavors have successfully revealed the high diversity of plants (flora) and animals (fauna) in the area, each with remarkable characteristics, functions within the ecosystem, and anthropological connections. Notable flora in these ecosystems includes ‘coastal plants’ like Acoelorrhaphe wrightii and Crescentia cujete, among others. On the other hand, the predominant fauna consists of birds, including species such as Tigrisoma mexicanum and Jacana spinosa. The document highlights the importance of studying, researching, and documenting the area, with an emphasis on how these efforts directly influence the conservation of the Laguna del Tigre-Río Escondido region in Petén.

Nicholas Hellmuth


Jaqueline González

Nicholas Hellmuth
Haniel López
David Arrivillaga


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