Anona de Manglar – Alligator or Pond Apple – Annona glabra

The Annona glabra tree grows in swamps, on the banks of rivers and streams. Its leaves are usually sharp, the fruit is small and edible, it is tasteless and of little use for making other foods. Habitat proportion and food for wildlife and their presence contributes to the conservation of wetlands.

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The fruits and leaves of Annona glabra are edible. Its leaves are used in traditional medicine. The genus Annona is believed to contain more than 100 species, all shrubs or small trees, most native to the American tropics and a few native to tropical Africa. The flowers can be used as antiparasitic. The fruits are edible and contain bioactive substances that inhibit the development of cancer cells, which is why they have pharmaceutical potential.

Nicholas Hellmuth
Diana Sandoval

March 2022

Compilation of Basic Data from Earlier Botanists:
Diana Sandoval

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Víctor Mendoza

Nicholas Hellmuth
María Alejandra Gutiérrez

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